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I am a model railway chap with a great interest in combining the joy of model railways and electronic control.

Over the years I have had several layouts and only began my present one about 15 years ago.

There have been a few false starts, but that has all been part of the learning curve.

Computer control was always a dream, but although I am a very technical person and quite computer literate, I have struggled to find the right channels to pursue.

And then, by chance, I found MERG. The Model Electronic Railway Group which is an international club of like minded folk who offer an incredible amount of help and insight to all comers.

They also have a range of electronic kits which allow one to operate a layout in many different ways.

I soon joined the organization and bought a few kits and began building.

I also joined an active area group where members share their experiences, dreams and solutions.

This was where I first saw the potential to use the little 9g Servo motors for operating points (turnouts) and the design journey began.

I have been involved with sheet metal most of my working life which is why my designs have centred around precision lasercut aluminium parts.

As time goes by and challenges change, I have attempted to stay at the forefront of what modellers require and as such, keep adding to the range of mounts and ancillary products.

The products offered on these pages is an attempt to share what I have developed with other model enthusiasts.

I hope you will find these products helpful and if you have any ideas for additional products, please contact me by email.


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