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This is our latest offering - a Level Crossing Gate actuator,


The Unit folds up from a pre-prepared Aluminium Blank to form a "U" shaped channel.


A couple of 3D printed parts hold the 2 tubes - the outer one fitting through the baseboard  and the inner one connecting via a "Dog" mechanism to the servo.


The tubes are press fit into the 3D printed parts but can be glued in if required.


Tubes are cut from Evergreen Polystyrene

Outer tube is Item 226 (3/16")

Inner tube is Item 224 (1/8")


The gate shown is not part of the kit but simply there to show a possible finished product.


Will fit most 9g Servos like HobbyKing Hk15178 or Tower Pro SG90 Etc.


the Aluminium part has pre-bend perforated slots and all holes are pre-tapped for the screws.


Jonny Pay has sent me a short video of his layout using these crossing gate mounts and has kindly given me permission to use the clip on this website..

Have a look it's HERE