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Dingo Low Profile Mount MK2

Main features:


· Offers a complete Linear motion


· Easy fitment and motor change


· Reliable operation


- Will work on all scales ( Z to O)


· Micro Switches for frog switching






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The Low Profile Mount has been a really good seller for Dingo Servo Mounts.


The main attraction has been its small underboard depth - only 35mm (Less than 1 1/2")


We have had quite a lot of feedback from this mount asking for switches on both sides of the mount as well as the ability to double stack switches.


The new MK2 has switches on both sides and also the ability to double stack switches on the left side only.

Note: You will need longer screws and extra switches which can be purchased in our Long screw Multipack


The servo horn precludes double stacking on the right side.


We hope that this updated mount will solve many of the issue customers have had with the old Low Profile Mount.


This new version is now available to order.

Note: Multipacks do NOT contain switches, Nut Plates and the M2x10mm screws.

We now have a Drill Jig available for this mount