For more reliable point operation.


Dingo Servo Micro 8


Completely linear motion.


Small size.


Works with most scales.


Allows for up to 4 switches.


The Dingo Servo Micro 8 is a small footprint unit that will work with most 9G servo motors like the Tower pro SG90 or MG90  or the Hobby King HK15178 etc.


It provides a perfectly linear motion from the rotary motion of the servo motor.

It can be configured in various ways to allow for differing requirements and can accept up to 4 micros switches for switching frogs, indicator lights etc. (Kit comes with 2 switches)


Kit contains all switches , screws and metal work for 1 unit.. A small pozi screwdriver is required for assembly.


Please Note : Servo motor and control circuitry not included. In the kit.


The Dingo Servo Micro 8


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The Micro 8 is our most popular Servo Mount for the operation of points on model railways.


It can throw up to 10mm and as such can be used on most model gauges from O to Z




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New for this Item


A Micro 8 drill jig is now available to help align fixing holes on this particular mount.

Full instructions for use on the Downloads Page.