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Underboard Tiebar Kit


Underboard Tiebar Kit


This tie bar kit is designed to convert a standard Low Profile mount for use with hand laid track which has no standard tie bar.


The unit is secured to a Low Profile mount with a single screw.


The traditional way of moving hand laid points is to solder 2 droppers to the blades of the point and then to connect them together under the baseboard in order to operate the point.


There seem to be 2 schools of thought – one allows the droppers to spin freely thus putting less tension on the point blades, while the other likes to tighten the droppers to avoid lifting in any way. This kit allows for both options.



Note that this kit comes in 4 sizes “n”, “00”,"P4/EM" and “0” gauge

Please specify which kit you require when ordering.

Also this unit only fits to our Standard Low Profile Mount which is NOT included in the kit and must be ordered separately.


3D Printed kit for use with hand laid points.


This sample set for "n" gauge points




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This unit set for "0" Gauge points.