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Dingo Servo v6


Dingo Servo V6


The original Servo Mount designed to improve performance of Servos for railway operation.

The Dingo Servo V6 will work with most 9G servo motors like the Tower pro SG90 or MG90  or the Hobby King HK15178 etc.


The V6 has been upgraded to allow the adjustment of the actuator wire.


It provides a perfectly linear motion from the rotary motion of the servo motor.

It can be configured in various ways to allow for differing requirements and can accept up to 2 micro switches for switching frogs, indicator lights etc.


**  The Servo V6 has a larger throw than the Micro 8


Kit contains all switches , screws and metal work for 1 unit.. A small pozi screwdriver is required for assembly.

Please Note : Servo motor and control circuitry not included in the kit.


Completely linear motion.


Works with most scales.


Allows for up to 2 switches.


V6 Upgrade


V6 to Micro 8





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