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Please note that some of our mounts have now been revised to a Rev1 because the frames are now tapped M2 which means that M2 nuts are no longer required for fixing the servo motor.

These nuts are no longer included in the kits.

Fitting should be quicker and easier, especially when replacing servo motors.

Older Instructions (Pre Rev 1 ) are Here.

PLEASE NOTE: that the switches supplied with kits have a rating of 1Amp which will be sufficient to switch the frog power on N gauge and most 00 gauge locos.

Some older (current heavy) 00 locos and larger scales will need to have a relay interface to reliably switch the current.


Dingo Servo Micro 10


Dingo Servo Micro 8 (Rev1)


Dingo Servo Micro 8/10 Drill Jig.


Dingo Universal Mount (Rev1)


Dingo Signal Mount (Rev1A)


Dual Signal Mount


Dingo "n" Gauge Track Pin Jig


Dingo Low Profile Mount


Dingo HD Mount


Dingo Single Servo Control Board


Underboard Tiebar Kit


Switch Connection Details.


Assembly Tutorial Videos

Dingo Micro 10 Assembly Tutorial Video


Dingo Micro 8 Assembly Tutorial Video


Dingo Low Profile Assembly Tutorial Video.