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Development began around 6 years ago in an effort to find a reliable mount for the 9g servos which were then coming into the market and which were both economical and effective.


Various options were trialled, most of which are still operating on my home layout.

The first commercially distributed version was the V6 unit which fulfils all the criteria and has been  very successful.

This unit continues to offer outstanding service on many layouts around the country.


It soon became apparent that the footprint of the V6 was too large, especially for smaller layouts and small scales like n and z, and so a redesign was undertaken to bring a small footprint unit to market which is now our main seller - the Micro8.


We are continuing to add to our range of servo mounts and other helpful model railway parts. New items will be added to our website from time to time.


New mounts that have been added to the line over the last year include Universal, Signal and Dual Signal, and the Low Profile mount which is less that 1 1/2" below the baseboard.


The latest addition is a Single Servo Control board and setting boxes.


I am also working an a larger mount especially for garden railways using the Waterproof  HK15139 servo from Hobby King.


The smaller Micro 8


The original Servo V6


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