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Dingo Servo MicroSlim


The MicroSlim has the same footprint as the Micro 10 V2 and is designed to accommodate a standard 9g servo like a PowerHD HD1900A, SG90 or HobbyKing 15178 (now obsolete)


 Feature include: Tapped holes for motor mounting, Improved switch operation

                       Reduced height under the baseboard and simplified

                       actuator adjustment.

                       The ability to operate up to 2 microswitches.

                       (1 switch supplied in kit)

                       Perfectly linear motion for point operation.

                       Will fit most 9g servos like HobbyKing Hk15178 or

                       TowerPro SG90 / MG90


In order to operate 2 switches you would need to purchase our long screw pack which has the longer screws in the pack.


Please Note : Servo motor and control circuitry not included. In the kit.


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The MicroSlim Mount is a new innovation of the much loved Micro10 V2 mount.


This mount differs in that there is only one Microswitch which operates at midpoint of the servo travel.


It was designed for modellers who wanted something a bit simpler that having to set up 2 switches,



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There is a smaller version of this mount known as the MiniPoint Ver2

This mount is the same configuration except that it uses the PowerHD HD1370A servo