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Multi Servo Control Board



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Switched Setting Box

The Setting Box is supplied with a 2m CAT5 cable, but this can be easily replaced by a longer cable if required by simply unplugging the cable and plugging in a longer one.

Note: The Budget setting box is no longer available as it proved difficult to work with.

Do NOT use

Crossover cables!

Use the cables supplied by Dingo Servo Mounts.

Or another Cat5e straight cable

This board, like everything we make is designed to help make your layout look more prototypical

This is my latest edition to the Dingo Control Board range


The unit consists of a "Motherboard" which holds a power supply and all the connectors for controlling up to 4 servos.


The actual control modules plug into the motherboard with 8pin connectors.

There are 2 types of plug in module which can be plugged into any of the 4 slots in any combination of modules. And these can be changed at will as requirements change.


The red modules are standard control boards suitable for points, crossing gates, uncouplers, etc. The Yellow modules contain our "Bouncy" signal firmware for use with Semaphore signals..


Modules can be in any combination - ie 4 points or 4 signals or any mix of the 2.


Setting is done via the standard Setting Box and each module is set in the same way as the Stand alone single or Twin boards