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This is the New multi signal Mount designed to offer up to 4 linear motion levers for use in gantries etc.


Each servo operates it own slider, all of which terminate at the top of the mount with newly designed 3D printed clips to hold the actuator wires securely.


The mount can be fitted directly to the baseboard or, by using the supplied 12mm standoffs can be mounted above, but with access below the baseboard.


The overall height of the mount is 75mm without the standoffs.


This mount has been designed to work with HobbyKing HK15178 servos.

Other servos may work but cannot be guaranteed as the tolerances are quite tight.

For those wishing to mount the signal directly to the mount and dropping the whole lot through a hole in the baseboard, there is a diagram which, if downloaded and printed exact size on A4, will allow you to make a accurate cutout.

Video Here