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N Gauge  track pin jig


Jig for Drilling N gauge Peco Flex Track


One of the most difficult things about laying Peco N gauge flex track is to be able to accurately drill holes through the centre of the sleepers.


This jig set will make this operation very simple


The jig clips over the sleepers and positions a hole in the centre of the sleeper. Now all you need to do in drill a small hole through the sleeper at this point and  you can remove the jig and fit the track pin


There are 2 jigs in the pack to allow for use on both Code 55 and Code 80 flex track


Holes can be drilled by hand or with a small twist drill or Dremel type tool

We recommend using a carbide tipped drill of 0.9 to 1mm by hand as shown in the picture. these drills are quite cheap from suppliers on Ebay.


NOTE: Drill not included.


Drill Jig for Peco N Gauge Flex Track

Allows accurate drilling into sleeper



A set of 2 Jigs to allow the accurate drilling of track pin holes into Peco n gauge flex track.


Works on both code 55 and code 80




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Hi, I am writing to you to congratulate you for inventing and making such an ingenious tool yet so simple to use. I have just finished laying and screwing down a complex track using your device and wow did it make the job so much more pleasurable to do as the track had no drill holes at all. All the very best, R.


I have tried several templates and this is by far the best. C.


Simple but great little gizmo. J.


Excellent in all respects! Such a useful and handy gadget! Very useful video to accompany the item advert. Well worth every penny! 5 stars. Many thanks.  MK


Brilliant little tool for drilling the tiny N gauge sleepers, simple to use, very effective, could not do my N gauge layout without this, highly recommend. Will buy another in case I lose this one. TC

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We have now changed the material that these jigs are made from to Cromweld.(1.4003)

This is a stainless steel also known as 3cr12.

This offers higher rust resistance and more durable jigs.