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These micro servos are becoming quite popular despite the rather high price and I have decided to create a range of mounts specifically for these servos.


They are especially useful for signal operation due to their small size,


So far we have created a simple point motor mount and 3 signal mounts.

Namely a single, a Duo (double) and a Trip (triple)

We have recently developed a new range of mounts for the PowerHD HD1370A (0.4g) Mini Servos.

Mini Point

All 3 Signal mounts can be supplied in a "basic" form with the control wire held between 3 small screws or alternatively they can be fitted with the magnetic clips similar to the Omni Mount .


Because of the smaller size, the magnet block is a bit narrower so as to have clearance with the adjoining unit. (Note: Eventually we will use this unit on the Omni and Signal mount as well so as to avoid any confusion)


On the Duo and Trip the metal has been slotted to allow the control wires to move past the top plate.


Both the Duo and the Trip will come to you pre-folded as the folding process cannot be done by hand.

Mini Signal

Mini Duo

Mini Trip

All mounts will come with a 3D printed boss to hold the actuator screw as the supplied horns on these servos are a bit flimsy.

Additional information on the MiniDuo and MiniTrip when using DCC to control the signals.


Please read the last page of the assembly instructions BEFORE ordering

MiniPoint Ver 2