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Introducing the Ultra Micro Mount



A new Bending Block for the Micro 10

One of the issues which have come to my attention is that sometimes when bending the Micro 10 frames on a normal piece of wood, one can sometimes inject a small amount of distortion into the mount.


With this is mind, I put on my thinking cap and have come up with this handy little block which takes all the hard work out of folding the frames.


They are 3D printed and very easy to use.

Take a look at the video on how easy this is here.



We have now developed a linear motion mount for use with the tiny HobbyKing Ultra mini servos.

HK-5330 Digital Servos

This mount can be used as a point motor for small scales Z and N

as well as a signal unit if fitted with the side extension plate.

There is now a similar mount available to fir the HK 282A Analogue servo. Please specify which one you require when ordering.

Our Grateful thanks

to the staff of

Model Rail Magazine

for an excellent review

of the Micro 10

in the

October 2020 edition.


Click on image

to read review

Crossing Gate Mount

I am working on a Crossing Gate mount which should be available in the next few weeks. More details later.