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First look at the New Multi control Board


This is my latest edition to the Dingo Control Board range


The unit consists of a "Motherboard" which holds a power supply and all the connectors for controlling up to 4 servos.


The actual control modules plug into the motherboard with 8pin connectors.

New MK3 RED servo Boards

The New SlimTwin and SlimTrip Signal Mounts

There are 2 types of plug in module which can be plugged into any of the 4 slots in any combination of modules. And these can be changed at will as requirements change.


The red modules are standard control boards suitable for points, crossing gates, uncouplers, etc. The Yellow modules contain our "Bouncy" signal firmware for use with Semaphore signals..


Now in Stock.



We have always identified our boards with a red or yellow dot denoting either point or signal boards.

With the introduction of the Multi control board we have decided to make all point servo boards red in future to avoid any confusion.

It has also offered the opportunity to improve the firmware and these new RED boards will have the same updated firmware as the Multi control modules.

A New RED Twin MK3 board is also available.

Yellow Signal boards will soon be coming as well

Introducing the new SlimTwin and SlimTrip

2 and 3 unit, respectively, Drop-Through signal mounts.


Following on from the success of the SlimSignal mount for the PowerHD HD1370A servos, we have now introduced a 2 way and 3 way version.


Max width of the unit is 23mm