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We now carry servo testers.


We have a limited quantity of servo testers in stock as well as battery clips to hold 4 AA batteries for use with the testers.

These are ideal for setting up servos while assembling mounts.


Testers are at £4.00 ea and battery clips at £2.50 ea

James Cunningham has recently sent in some pictures of his scratch-built signal using our Dual Signal Mount.

I think you will agree its a fantastic example of brass modelling.

By the way we now have an assembly video for this mount.


Thank you James.

It's always encouraging to see what can be done with the various Dingo Mounts.



Introducing our new Twin Servo Control Board.



We now have the first batch of PCB's available for operating 2 servos individually from one PCB.

They use the same setting box as our single servo control board.

They are now on the price list and available for purchase .


The board is 50x50mm in size.

Setup instructions HERE