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New developments.

We now have a new 3D printed Underboard tiebar for use in hand laid track. These are designed to fit onto our Low Profile mount with a single screw. They are available in 3 sizes "n", "00" and "0".

The end of an Era for the Micro 8


Sadly we are going to be saying goodbye to the wonderful stalwart known as the Micro 8 or more affectionately as the "Micro"

It has had a wonderful pioneering experience and has been the backbone of Dingo Servo Mounts for around 5 years.

New innovations and improvements which have resulted in the Micro 10 have been so well accepted, that I have to say with regret that this is the end of the Micro 8 Era.

James Cunningham has recently sent in some pictures of his scratch-built signal using our Dual Signal Mount.

I think you will agree its a fantastic example of brass modelling.


Thank you James.

It's always encouraging to see what can be done with the various Dingo Mounts.