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A new Roller Magnet clip for Signal Ver 1A and Ver B


This is the latest magnet clip version which allows one to remove a signal for transport and then re-insert it without removing the clip or magnets.

These are now in Stock

A  Switch on a Crossing Gate

The New SlimTwin and SlimTrip Signal Mounts

We now have a modified Mini Crossing Gate Mount for use with Rotating Ground Signals.

This mount again uses the PowerHD HD1370A 3g servos which we use in all our Mini Mounts.

The Unit can also be fitted with a switch pack for feedback

Now in Stock.


Many of you have asked for a switch which can be operated from a Grossing Gate Mount - Well - Here it is!


The Crossing Gate mount is being revised to a Ver A which will have a couple of additional holes to accept the 3D printed switch holder.


At the moment this will only be available as an add on to a HobbyKing HK15178 servo.

Introducing the new SlimTwin and SlimTrip

2 and 3 unit, respectively, Drop-Through signal mounts.


Following on from the success of the SlimSignal mount for the PowerHD HD1370A servos, we have now introduced a 2 way and 3 way version.


Max width of the unit is 23mm


In Stock Now.

We have now sourced a new supplier for our lasercutting! Hooray!

A Mount for Rotating Ground Signals

Video Here