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Ongoing Developments

We are presently doing some research and testing on some magnetic uncouplers.

We are looking at underbaseboard uncouplers for Kadee and Dapol magnetic uncouplers as well as those simple uncoupling ideas like the Peco magnetic strips.


The attached pictures show a couple of prototypes that are being tested at present.


Please register your interest via email stating type of couplers and modeling scale.







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New developments.

We now have a new 3D printed Underboard tiebar for use in hand laid track. These are designed to fit onto our Low Profile mount with a single screw. They are available in 3 sizes "n", "00" and "0".

The end of an Era for the Micro 8


Sadly we are going to be saying goodbye to the wonderful stalwart known as the Micro 8 or more affectionately as the "Micro"

It has had a wonderful pioneering experience and has been the backbone of Dingo Servo Mounts for around 5 years.

New innovations and improvements which have resulted in the Micro 10 have been so well accepted, that I have to say with regret that this is the end of the Micro 8 Era.