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The Omni Mount has finally taken shape and I hope for good things for this very versatile mount.

It can be configured as a normal point motor with dimensions of 50 x 50 mm flat area and only 20mm depth below the baseboard.


There are mounting facilities for 2 micro switches and, in another new innovation, these can be pre-assembled with the screws and nut plates before sliding them onto the slotted bar which makes the fitting so much easier and less fiddley.


With the addition of a simple folded sideplate and the moving of 3 screws, the mount transforms into a single signal mount which still allows the use of the 2 micro switches.


The Omni Mount will be supplied initially as a pre-folded unit which will save time and effort.


This mount can be ordered in a variety of ways.

As a point motor or a complete unit as well as folded or flat.


A magnetic option is under development.


As a Point Motor

As a Signal Driver