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Current Price List as at March 2024

Point Motors Price ea Additional Information
Micro 10 V2 £6.50 10+ @ £6.00
**Micro 10 Multipack £22.00  
Low Profile MK2 £6.50 10+ @ £6.00
**Low Profile MK2 Multipack £22.00  
Underboard Tiebar Kit £4.00 Specify Size n, OO, P4/EM or O
Omni Mount (point) Pre-Folded £7.00 10+ @ £6.50
Micro Slim £6.00 10+ @ £5.50
Drill Jig (Micro 10 or Low Profile) £1.00 Specify Micro 10 or Low Profile
Bending Block (Micro 10 or Low Profile) £4.00 Specify Micro 10 or Low Profile
**HD Mount £10.00  
Micro 21 Servo Mount £7.50 For HK15148 B Servo
MiniPoint Ver2 with switch £6.00 For PowerHD HD1370A Servo
** No Switches or switch hardware included
Signal Mounts Price ea Additional Information
Signal £7.00 10+ @ £6.50
Dual Signal £11.00  
Multi Signal Mount (With Standoffs) £20.00 Includes 4x12mm Stand offs
Omni Mount (Complete) Pre-Folded £7.50  
SlimSignal (Single Drop through mount) £5.00 (With Magnet £6.50)
SlimTwin (Twin Drop through mount) £9.00 (With Magnet £12.00)
SlimTrip (Triple Drop through mount) £14.00 (With Magnet £18.50)
Mini Signal £4.50 (With Magnet £6.00)
Mini Duo £7.00 (With Magnet £10.00)
Mini Trip (Triple mini signal) £11.00 (With Magnet £15.50)
Single Magnetic adapter £1.50 For Single Signal, Omni or Mini
Dual Magnetic adapter £3.00 For Dual Mount (2 units in pack)

You can also order spare or replacement parts from us, like spare frames (if you broke one) or extra nut plates etc.

Please email your requirements and we will do what ever we can to help you out.