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Dingo Servo Micro 8 End of the Line!


Due to the popularity of our New Micro 10 mount, the Micro 8 is now being discontinued.

The Micro 10 offers all of the features of the Micro 8 and then some, and is a bit cheaper to produce, which is why we have decided to bring this model to an end.

Our New Flagship servo which will replace the well tried and tested Micro 8


Dingo Servo Micro10


Dingo Universal Mount


A simple mount for a 9g Servo motor which offers both vertical and horizontal mounting.


N gauge track pin jigs


Simple jigs to help with the drilling of sleepers in N gauge Peco flex track


Dingo Signal Mount


It offers a wide range of ways to attach the signal actuator arm in order to make it as versatile as possible



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Dingo Dual Signal Mount


A new, very versatile dual signal mount for gantry signal operation.

Unit can be used with new captive screw fixings or magnetic control.

Dingo Low Profile Mount


Our smallest mount to date.

Designed for small shelf layouts and portable layouts with little space under the baseboard.

NEW Multipacks.


Multipacks of Micro 10's and Low Profile mounts without switches.

A cheaper alternative for those not using the switches on mounts.

Switch pack available seperately.

Single Servo Control Board

A control board to drive a single 9g servo at preset slow speed to fully adjustable set end points.

 HD Servo Mount

A larger Mount to accommodate the Hobby King HK15139 waterproof servo.

This is mainly designed for use in Garden Layouts.

This is a 3D printed plastic kit which allows for the fitment of droppers on hand laid track where above board tie bars and not wanted.


Underboard Tie Bar Kit