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A first look at the new "Bouncy" Signal driver board.


This board is designed to allow the operation of semaphore signals with a double pull going up and bounce on the return to the lower aspect.


Very similar to the Single Servo Board but has been reconfigured with random presets built in.


Setting of servo end points by means of a De Luxe  Setting box.


Speeds are set in the firmware and cannot be changed.

Bounce is random so will not look the same each time.


De Luxe Setting Box

The Setting Box is supplied with a 2m CAT5 cable, but this can be easily replaced by a longer cable if required by simply unplugging the cable and plugging in a longer one.

Do NOT use

Crossover cables!

Use the cables supplied by Dingo Servo Mounts.

Or another Cat5e straight cable

This board, like everything we make is designed to help make your layout look more prototypical


Do NOT use for points

Twin Board Now also available.


Allows to the independent operation of 2 servos for driving signals.

Yellow Twin Board MK3


This board has exactly the same firmware as the previous MK2 board.

Switched Setting Box