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We have recently developed a new range of mounts for the PowerHD HD1370A (0.4g) Mini Servos.

This SlimTwin & SlimTrip Drop-Through

mounts are part of this range

All mounts will come with a 3D printed boss to hold the actuator screw as the supplied horns on these servos are a bit flimsy.

I have often been asked to create a signal mount that is small enough to just slot into the baseboard.

Since I have started designing for the HD 1370A servos this has now become a possibility.


Following on from the success of the SlimSignal (single unit) I have now developed a Twin and a Triple unit.


These mounts are designed so that you can build a signal onto the footplate and then drop the whole kit and kaboodle through a slot in the baseboard.


This new design is only 23mm wide and will fit into a slot 23mm x 30mm.


The footplate is a 3D printed part which can form the base of a signal.


These units can also be fitted with a magnetic clip as per the Mini range


Kits are now in stock!