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Following on from our very successful Single Servo Control Board we are now launching our Twin Board which is able to control 2 9g servo's independently.


I believe there is a need for a very simple board that offers easy setup and operation for model railway points or semaphore signals.


Each Servo is set individually using our standard De Luxe Setting Box and the setting jumpers on the board.


The Twin Servo Control Board has a preset slow speed to simulate real life point movement and there is no provision for adjusting the speed. (However they can be supplied with a faster speed on request.)


The two end positions are set very simply by means of a plug in setting box.


2 simple single pole on/off switches are all that is required to move the servos from one position to the other.


De Luxe Setting Box

The Setting Box is supplied with a 2m CAT5 cable, but this can be easily replaced by a longer cable if required by simply unplugging the cable and plugging in a longer one.

Note: The Budget setting box is no longer available as it proved difficult to work with.