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We have now developed a linear motion mount for use with the tiny HobbyKing Ultra mini servos.

HK-5330 Servos

This mount can be used as a point motor for small scales Z and N as well as a signal unit if fitted with the side extension plate.

The foot plate is only 25mm long.

This tiny mount offers full linear motion and despite its small size is quite powerful


The  servo listed above will work on 5V DC but will need a cable conversion to plug into the standard 3 pin plugs on most servo control boards

Female Molex 1.25 to Male JR Servo Adapter Lead


Video Here

I have a slightly modified version available to accommodate the HK282A  analogue servo which is slightly bigger and won't fit the original version.

Please specify which servo you are using when ordering.

Links to Servos and connectors


HK 5330 servo


HK 282A servo


Connector lead



I have decided to stop making these mounts as the servos are hard to get and very expensive.

Also the servos are very fussy about their control signals so I have now concentrated on the "Mini" mount range instead