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We have now developed an Uncoupler unit which works with Kaydee Style couplings as well as the n gauge Dapol units.

This development has been quite slow as there are many variables to take into account.


Our final offering is designed to work with 2 magnets 42x10x8mm at N52 strength.


This has been found to operate fairly successfully under baseboards of 6-9mm thickness, but may require some tweaking of the coupling springs.


It is offered with no guarantees as to effectiveness.


Because Magnets pose some difficulties with postal services, the mount is supplied WITHOUT magnets.


They may be sourced here.


If you would like to use different magnets, we can 3D print a holder for them if sizes are supplied.

Please Note: Neodymium Magnets are hard and brittle they look like steel but have properties more like glass, if allowed to jump to steel or other magnets they will likely shatter.

They can also cause injury when they come together and trap fingers etc.

Note that they can have serious impacts on mobile phones or laptops, so keep them far away from all electronic devices.

Please handle with care.